Research Paper Assistance

As a researcher, you can attain recognition through publishing research papers in reputed journals. However, the path to publication is not easy. Publishing in any impact factor journals requires author to do original research, write as per journal standards and patience. A lot of researchers have novelty in their topic but still are unable to get themselves published.

At PhD Research India, we have been assisting PhD candidates in developing journal articles for impact factor journals, international and national journals. We assist authors in developing unique research objectives, doing implementation/data analysis, drafting the manuscript, formatting and submitting the same. We have published authors as the team who assists aspiring authors to develop the manuscript. Right from topic selection to selection of base papers, developing problem statement, Matlab coding, SPSS analysis, AMOS modelling, draft of manuscript and final review is taken care by our team.

Areas we assist include management, accounting, literature, computer science, data mining, image processing, signal processing, power electronics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and social sciences. Some of the journals which we target for publication include: Elsevier, Springer, Emerald, Taylor and Francis, Science Direct, IEEE Transactions, IEEE Conferences and ELK Asia Pacific Journals.

It usually takes less than two months to prepare a research paper for impact factor journals, however, the review and approval time takes over three months. Also, please note that we are offering guarantee for publication in journal; we guarantee originality in research, full support including editing of manuscript, formatting and submission.